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The One-Stop Online Resource to Teach, Install, Execute, and Win for any Football Team.

The Proven Strike Special Teams System is the complete answer for how to win the 3rd phase of the game.



Exclusive website where each play and drill is on video and coached through by Coach Jeff Genyk.



Hundreds of hours of content from presentations with video, to the voice-over video clips, and to drill/play cut-ups.



Year-Round consulting via phone, conference calls, and webinars.



System Coaches are constantly adding new football content and you can access it immediately.

See what you get with the Strike Special Teams system!


Exclusive website access where every play and drill is personally taught on video by Coach Jeff Genyk, creator of the Strike Special Teams system.


Hundreds of hours of content from presentations with embedded video, eClinics, player drills and game film cut-ups, sample game plans, practice and system install schedules, and exclusive playbooks


Sample game plans, in-season and off-season practice schedules, call sheets, scouting reports against all defenses and more! All posted on the secure website.


Every coach on your high school and middle school staff receives their own username and password to access the Strike resources 24/7 at their convenience


Year-Round consulting via phone, conference calls, and webinars.


System Coaches are constantly adding new football content for your coaching staff’s immediate access and benefit.

Watch Coach Genyk explain the Strike Special Teams system


Intro and Philosophy from Championship Systems on Vimeo.

Experience exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Strike Special Teams system

You and your staff will have an entire video and PowerPoint playbook along with drill tape available 24/7 that you can access from any computer any time.

Complete Special Teams System

Every play, drill, and scheme is taught on video and presented in webinars for you and your staff to expertly install the Special Teams system.

Coach Jeff Genyk

Coach Jeff Genyk carries a deep track record of winning.

Access for Your Entire Staff

There is no need for you and your staff to spend thousands of dollars to attend special seminars or wait for DVDs to show up!


About Coach Jeff Genyk


Jeff Genyk is a lifetime student of high performance and execution. Coach Genyk was a Division 1 football player at Bowling Green State University and has been a Division 1 football coach for over 23 years.

In addition to his experience on the field, Coach Genyk understands the business world. He holds an MBA from Western Michigan and a Masters’ Degree from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern.

He has been working with corporations and executives for over 6 years helping them to understand how to use his proven strategies to achieve big results.

Coaching Experience
Twenty-three years coaching experience across four Division 1A Conferences, including experience at the high school, junior college and FBS levels:

Currently Special Teams Coordinator and Running Backs Coach, Vanderbilt University
Two Years – Offensive and Special Teams Coach, University of Wisconsin
Three Years – Offensive and Special Teams Coach, University of California
Five Years – Head Coach, Eastern Michigan University
Twelve Years – Director of Football Operations and Coach, Northwestern University
One Year – Offensive Coach, Grand Rapids Community College
One Year (part-time) – Assistant Coach, Saginaw High School

Jeff played college football (quarterback and punter) at BGSU.
Jeff is married and has two children.


The Strike Special Teams System Details, Fundamentals, and Exclusive Coaching Content

  • Getting Started
  • Kickoff Coverage
  • Kickoff Return
  • Punt
  • Punt Block & Return
  • P.A.T./Field Goal
  • P.A.T./F.G. Block
  • Webinars and Eclinics
    • FG/PAT Block Webinars/Eclinics
    • FG/PAT Webinars/Eclinics
    • Punt Return Webinars/Eclinics
    • Punt Webinars/Eclinics
    • KO Return Webinars/Eclinics
    • Kickoff Webinars/Eclinics
  • Additional Resources

Broken Down Into 10 Systems Packages:

Multiple Schemes for Kickoff

In-depth Protection Plans for Punt and PAT/FG

Multiple Kick-off Returns

Shield Punt

Innovative Punt Fakes

Punt Return Schemes

Great Plans to Go After the Kicker and Punter

Maximizing Special Teams Practice Planning

Special Teams Drills

Diagrams, Video Instruction, and Game Examples

Get a sneak peek at the Strike Special Teams System in action.

The Strike Special Teams System

The Coaching Package - includes full memberships of all high school and middle school coaches in the high school football program.

  Video Playbooks of the Special Teams System on the website (each scheme taught in sequence with embedded video presentations, live action drill video, and play video)

  Entire system on the website (continually adding content to the site)

  Power Point Playbook

  Growing Webinar Library

  Specific starter system presentation packages with embedded drill and play video for first year head coaches

  Regular live interactive webinars and conference calls in-season to help you game plan and prepare for your next week's opponents

  Year-round consulting via webinars and conference calls

  Year-round assistance with film analysis

Strike "Occur suddenly and have harmful or damaging effects on"



Start learning the system today.

Whiteboard sessions teaching the system.

Interact with other coaches using the Strike Special Teams system.