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Exclusive website where each play and drill is on video and coached through by Coach Greg Vandagriff.



Hundreds of hours of content from presentations with video, to the voice-over video clips, and to drill/play cut-ups.



Year-Round consulting via phone, conference calls, and webinars.



System Coaches are constantly adding new football content and you can access it immediately.



Exclusive website access where each play and drill is on video and coached through by Coach Greg Vandagriff himself.


Hundreds of hours of content from presentations with embedded video, eClinics, player drills and game film cut-ups, sample game plans, practice and system install schedules, and exclusive playbooks.


Sample game plans, in-season and off-season practice schedules, call sheets, scouting reports against all offense and more! All posted on the secure website.


Every coach on your high school and middle school staff receives their own username and password to access The M43 Defense resources 24/7 at their convenience.


Year-Round Consulting via Phone, Conference Calls, and Webinars.


System Coaches are constantly adding new football content for your immediate access.

Learn the M43 Defense Philosophy
from Coach Vandagriff

Watch Coach Greg Vandagriff’s presentation on the dynamic attacking style of The M43 Defense. See how your defense can get the same bad attitude to break any offense this next season!

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The M43 Defense

You and your staff will have an entire video and PowerPoint playbook along with drill tape available 24/7 that you can access from any computer any time.

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Every drill and scheme is taught on video and presented in the webinars so you can teach your players defense, straight from the computer.

Meet Coach Greg Vandagriff

Coach Greg Vandagriff carries a rich history of almost thirty years coaching championship-quality high school and collegiate defenses. Coach Vandagriff’s experience coaching under NFL and college football greats like Mike Smith, Gary Patterson, and Dick Bumpas gives him the expertise and track record to help you shut down any offense.

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About Coach Greg Vandagriff

Greg Vandagriff has been coaching football for the more than 25 years. He began his career coaching as a graduate assistant at Tennessee Tech University in 1990. Others who served on that staff are current NFL coaches Gerald Brown (Falcons RB) and  former Atlanta Falcons Head Coach and current Tamp Bay Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator, Mike Smith. After receiving his Masters degree, Greg served as the Defensive Coordinator in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Christian Life Academy.  After 5 years and a 50-13 record, he was afforded the opportunity to move to Georgia and serve as the Head Football Coach at Campbell and Kell High Schools, serving three years at each.

Currently, he is the Head Football Coach for Prince Avenue Christian School in Bogart, Georgia.  Prior to his current role, Coach Vandagriff served as the Defensive Coordinator at Woodward Academy for more than 10 seasons. After progressing to their "check with me" defensive philosophy, the War Eagle defensive units were routinely ranked in the top ten in the state. Also, Coach has been speaking for the Glazier Clinics for the past 15 years and consistently is rated as one of the top ten High School Defensive Speakers in the country.

Coach Vandagriff runs the Multiple 43 defense that he has modified and developed to be easily implemented into any school or program. The past six seasons, his defensive units have surrendered only 12 points a game during the regular season. His defensive philosophy allows coordinators to have enough ammunition and answers to have success against all of the offensive philosophies that we currently face on a weekly basis. The adjustments are easy and simple and thus the players are able to play fast and aggressive. He addresses short yardage and long yardage situations with consistent concepts that allow the teaching process to flow through all facets of the defense.

The M43 Defense System Details, Fundamentals,
and Exclusive Coaching Content

  • Introduction and M43 System Philosophy
  • Playbooks
  • System Terminology and Communication Signals
  • System Installation
  • Practice Layout
  • Call Variations
  • M43 Defense System Strategies
    • Spread Offense
    • Option Run
    • Power Run
    • Wing-T Offense
    • Defending Three-Back Sets
  • Fronts
    • Base Fronts
    • Multiple 4-3 Fronts
    • Tite
    • Stack
    • Solid
    • SWAT
    • Rat
    • Nub
  • Blitzes
    • M43 Single Blitzes
    • M43 Combo Blitzes
  • Stunts
    • Defensive Line Pass Stunts
    • Defensive Line Run Stunts
    • Defensive Tackle Stunts
    • Defensive End Stunts
  • Coverages
    • Cover 21
    • Cover 21 Weak Man
    • Cover 2
    • Cover 2 Roll
    • Cover 2 Weak Sky
    • Cover 3
    • Nub TE Support
  • Nickel Defense
    • Nickel Stunts
    • Nickel Blitzes
    • Nickel Doubles Trips Blitzes
  • Fundamentals and Drills
    • Defensive Line Run and Pass Drills
    • Outside Linebacker and Strong Safety Run and Pass Drills
    • Cornerback and Free Safety Drills
    • Tackling Techniques and Circuits
    Exclusive Coaching Resources
    • Webinars/eClinics
    • Division of Coaching Responsibilities
    • Live Clinics/Seminars
    • Whiteboard Sessions
    • Game Film Cut-ups
    • Video Drills

Broken Down Into 10 Systems Packages:

Tackling, Turnovers and TD's

DL Drills, Fundamentals and Techniques

LB Drills, Fundamentals and Techniques

DB Drills, Fundamentals and Techniques

Base Defensive Fronts and Stunts

Sky Cloud and Trips Coverages for all Formations

Nickel Stunts, Blitzes and Coverages

Insertion, Schedules and Game week practice plans

Fronts, Blitzes and Coverages to use against the Spread

Fronts, Blitzes and Coverages to use against the Option

Additional Resources: Playbooks, Manuals, and Drillbooks

The M43 System

The Coaching Package - includes full memberships of all high school and middle school coaches in the high school football program.

  Video Playbooks of the 4-3 Defense System on the website (each scheme taught in sequence with embedded video presentations, live action drill video, and play video)

  Entire Defense on the website (continually adding content to the site)

  A Complete Playbook

  Growing Webinar Library

  Regular live interactive webinars and conference calls in-season to help you game plan and prepare for your next week's opponents

  Year-round consulting via webinars and conference calls

"The versatility of Coach Vandagriff’s multiple 4-3 defense is great for today’s high school football because it allows you to adapt to the wide variety of offenses that you face each Friday night"

Gary Varner
Allatoona HS, Georgia



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